Consulting - acting in an advisory capacity on professional matters.

DFman Enterprises can help your business in a number of ways. The owner of DFman Enterprises, Dallas Fischer, is an expert for analytical strategy, organization and business development. The failure of some businesses is caused by not properly formulating ideas to execute their business plan. The easiest way to help formulate your plan of action is to discuss with an outside party. Take the time to schedule a consultation with DFman Enterprises to see how you can benefit from getting them on YOUR TEAM!!

Business Consulting General Info

* Final cost will be determined after consultation with the client.

Call us now for a FREE consultation. We love talking business and can help you out in a number of ways.

Sales & Marketing Campaigns

The single most valuable operation to most small businesses is running and executing sales and marketing campaigns. All businesses are in business to make money to cover wages and other expenses. The failure to plan out, execute and then analyze a sales and marketing campaign is a large reason for some small businesses failure and result in closing the operations. Work with DFman Enterprises to plan out a campaign and then most importantly analyze the results. Making a plan and executing is fairly straight forward for most people, but have you analyzed your results? Did you execute your campaign in a way where you could track the results? An important factor in all sales and marketing campaigns is to analyze the results in order to make corrections to improve your results on the next one.

Overhead Reviews

DFman Enterprises has a 99% guarantee we can save you money on your monthly overhead. Businesses get tied into a number of monthly obligations and due to time to research a better method they will continue to keep paying the same price. DFman Enterprises will do the research, find better price operations and SAVE YOU MONEY! DFman Enterprises has been able to save some small businesses hundreds and even thousands of dollars per month. What do you have to lose?

Financial Budgeting

Do you have a business budget? DFman Enterprises can provide you an outline of what you have been spending on general areas of your business and develop a plan to move forward. While general accountants tend to charge a large hourly fee, get the same service for half the cost with DFman Enterprises.

Accounting Services

Every small business needs to conduct some basic accounting procedures, but do you really need to pay for a full-time employee or even pay the rate of a bookkeeping company? DFman Enterprises works with a number of small businesses which enables us to spread out the cost to other businesses at a more affordable rate.

Product Launches

Do you have a new product ready to bring to market? Have you detailed out your plan for bringing the item to the market? DFman Enterprises has helped companies make a more successful launch of a new product by working with businesses to make sure they've properly covered certain areas before introducing a product to the marketplace.

Cost of Goods Analysis

Do you know exactly how much your product is actually costing you to produce? Have you taken into account all expenses which are involved to get your product from your business to another business or retail client? DFman Enterprises can help provide you a cost of goods analysis to make sure you are listing your product at a good competitive price in order to be profitable.

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