Dallas Fischer, owner of DFman Enterprises, has visited and talked to over 1000 small businesses over the last decade. As overall business evolves to conduct sales and service through different methods, every small business is facing similar situations. Feel free to ask us a question and we'll write a blog to answer your question while sharing with everyone.

Mobile Friendly Website Design

Published on July 17th, 2017

Client question:
"What is the most critical point to a website these days?"

DFman's Answer:
MOBILE FRIENDLY DESIGN. If people can not easily find information about your business on their phone, then you are losing customers.

A design where no matter the device (computer, laptop, tablet, phone) the displayed graphics and information is correctly organized and sized for optimum viewing.

Understanding Business Overhead

Published on July 10th, 2017

Client question:
"What is one of the most critical elements for a small business owner to understand?"

DFman's Answer:
OVERHEAD. A small business owner who doesn't understand their monthly/yearly breakeven point is going to get in trouble.

Expenses incurred to maintain the overall operation of a business.